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Frequent Questions

 What laboratory tests can be done in the office?
Answer: We have a laboratory in the office and we do on site Urinalysis. All other urine, blood tests and biopsy specimens are sent out. Computer equipment allows us to receive all results with minimal delay. At 21st Century Oncology we have our own pathology lab where all biopsy specimens, FISH and cytology tests are processed.

What procedures are performed  in the office?
Answer: In addition to all commonly done urological procedures like flexible cystoscopy, we do kidneys ultrasound as well as ultrasound guided prostate needle biopsies. Urodynamic lab is available. In office bladder biopsy and fulguration and treatment of small bladder tumors using state of the art HD video flexible cystoscopy. We also treat small bladder stones with lasers in office.

 How do I get my prescriptions refilled?
Answer: If you need a pharmacy refill, we request that you call your pharmacy and have them call our office with the refill information. This will expedite the process of getting all the correct information. Please do not go and wait at your pharmacy. Plan ahead and allow 1-2 days for refills. If there is a change in medication or it has been over a year since you have seen the doctor, an appointment will need to be scheduled. Your cooperation in this protocol will keep everyone happy.
 We are also able to submit electronic prescriptions.

Question: What is the best way to communicate with my physician?
Telephone calls are the best way. Please call (954) 722-9400. Our front desk handles and expedites calls. If you feel you need to speak with the doctor and it is an urgent problem, the front desk will accommodate your needs. All telephone calls will be returned by the end of the day.
You can e-mail us at:   drabrahamy@abrahamyMD.com

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